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Music going from swingbeats to balkanbeats along with some reggae, drum&bass, latin or dub. Global Warming Sound creates a diverse and varied mix to keep any audience dancing. Whether it's a big festival like Polé Polé or an intimate club night at Madame Moustache, two turntables and their wide collection is all they need. The carefully selected variation of sounds tend to keep you moving all night long, claiming every inch of the dance floor. And with Bart Maris along on trumpet we're having extra fun. Read more.

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Global Warming Sound presents its first in a series of mixtapes. The Timezone Sessions each have their own focus on one of the many musicstyles found in the Global Warming Sound dj-sets. Keep your ears peeled for next sessions, cause we'll be dropping a new one every few weeks.

This first one is all about Electroswing/Swingbeats.

The Balkanbeats session.

More mixes can be found at: Mixcloud and Soundcloud

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